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Tournament Point Season Dates

The Points Season is from January 1st – December 15

(We will be closed December 16 – 31 to spend the holidays with our families) 


Tournament Sanctions 

1 Star * Medals only Tournament
2 Star ** Local Tournament
3 Star *** State Level Tournament
4 Star **** Multi-State Level Tournament
5 Star ***** Grand Internationals & National Level Tournament


Sanction Point Values

  1 Star * 2 Stars ** 3 Stars *** 4 Stars **** 5 Stars *****
1st Place 10 20 25 30 40
2nd Place 7 15 20 25 30
3rd Place 5 10 15 20 20
4th Place 0 0 5 7 10
Grand Champion 3 5 5 5 10


Ties will be broken by the following:

1. Total 1st place points at five star tournaments (within that division type)

2. Total points at five star tournaments (within that division type)

3. Total 1st place points at four star tournaments (within that division type)

4. Total 1st place points at three star tournaments (within that division type)

5. Total 1st place points at two star tournaments (within that division type)

6. If after all 5 tie breakers are utilized, they are still tied,
    it will remain a tie.

About Points Awards

The U.S. Association of Martial Artists (USAMA) holds a National Tournament Points Competition for our martial arts competitors. For this year’s point divisions, please see our listing under Points! Tournaments are given star * ratings by the association which determines the point values to be earned at each sanctioned event. Our point year runs from January 1st to December 15th. The top ten in each point division who are current USAMA members are recognized at our Annual Awards Banquet during our Grand International Championships. The top ten competitors in each division will earn certificates with the top three receiving a special award.


Points Links


Point Standings

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2017 Top Ten PDF
2018 Top Ten PDF
2019 Top Ten PDF

New Mexico Point Standings
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Quote from Master James H. Hawkes on Tournament Competition:

"Tournaments teach adaptability, which is useful because it is easy to get bogged down with techniques that you work in the dojo all the time and that you feel comfortable with. A tournament situation forces you to be resourceful and respond to the unexpected."