Grand Internationals Important Information

2023 USAMA Grand Internationals & Seminar Symposium
and USAMA Kickboxing

Indianapolis, INDIANA

Seminars by:
Gus Albear
Tulay Albear
Dejan Rajic



Thank you for an awesome 2022 Grand Internationals!

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 USAMA National Team of the Year:
Guzman Sport Karate
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Eli Guzman - USAMA National Instructor of the Year!


Thank you to our seminar instructors!

                                                                           Mr. Fumio Demura                                    Mr. & Mrs. Bruce & Ann Marie Heilman

                                              Mr. Steve St. Pierre                                     Mr. Kurt Spivey                                                Mr. Sammy Hurtado


USAMA's Live Band!
*Dylan Vargas and the Black Belt Band featuring Steve St. Pierre!*
They play in the ring, and the band!


It was Great to See Everyone in 2021!
It was like a Family Reunion!



Extreme Forms Added
Due To Membership Demand:



Congratulations one and all!


Awesome 2019 Grand Internationals, Thank You!!








2019 Grand Champions... 








Congratulations to you all!       Well done!


Thank You for a Wonderful 2018 Grand Internationals!!


See you Next Year!




2018 Grand Champions!...


Eliana Duran                            Jazlyn Vasquez                         Tiffany Miller
Youth Beg. Kata                          Youth Int. Kata                       Youth Adv. Kata


Reynalynn Miller                            Melinda Lopez                         Dylan Vargas
   Adult Kyu Kata                           Adult Kyu Weapons                    Youth Weapons


                       Shannon Laurin                         Amelia Gallup                         Callen Lovett-Kittell                    C. Bruce Heilman
              Black Belt Women Sparring             Black Belt Kata                    Black Belt Men Sparring               Black Belt Weapons

Congratulations All! - Outstanding Competition!